Richard Kattah - Founder / Director

“I must admit I do have the wildest imagination when it comes to piecing an idea together and it’s all possible because of the team that I have. I cherish everyone in the company and it’s a great feeling watching them grow individually and as a collective.”

Temi Yussuf - Script-Writer / Scriptsupervisor

“I started pursuing my career in film from 2017 and I have not stopped since then. I have written a number of short films and an online series and currently in the process of developing my debut short film. Having an amazing team to work with is great, but its even better when they become a family; and that’s something Little Drops Production has developed. A Strong and reliable unit.”

Luke Gurrey - Photographer

“Having joined the team following some BTS work I did on a music video shoot for an artist called Azryah, I have since worked closely with the team when filming to help capture the magic that goes on within each project. Still relatively new to photography, I am always open to new projects, challenges, creative ideas and collaborations.”

Gabrielle Dadzie - Production Manager

“With experience in talent management and event management, I am the right person to approach when it comes to the logistics and management of everything on set. I ensure the smooth running of things from start to finish.”

Lekan Rabiu - Artist / Storyboard Artist

“Having gained experience over the years drawing and sketching, I have now managed to implement these skills into storyboard creation for production such as music videos and short films. This is different and challenging as it requires for me to step out of my comfort zone to create scenes and shot angles alongside the director.”

Grace Andam - Production Assistant

“Being a Production Assistant involves the ability to communicate with others well whilst being heavily enthusiastic and determined. Although tasks are the most important in regards to making sure the overall organisation of shoots run smoothly. seeing visions come to fruition and essentially having a part to play is why I enjoy my role.”

Juslin Makanga - Graphic Designer / 1st AD

“Being Richard’s right-hand man in the company and on set, my job is to pre-heat the scenes so they’re ready to be shot. I’ll break off and organise the actors with the help of the 2nd AD and instruct the crew on whats needed. I guess you can say I alley-oop the director.”

Latifah Balogun - PA / 2nd AD

“Being the first point of contact of LDP, I ensure that clients are welcomed with utter respect and professionalism. I also ensure everything is organised and runs as smooth as possible during pre-production and on set. Having joined the company in April, my work ethic has been second to none and I would say I am very proactive and reliable.”

Amaarah Roze - Production Assistant

“As a production assistant, i have the pleasure of working with every department on set. i see myself as an all rounder and really dabbling into areas where may seem a challenge which allows me to learn more. ever since joining little drops in february, i have learnt a lot and i see myself stepping up in the future within the company.”